This week has been bunches of fun, emotions, excitment and joy. So Im just going to write you a list of stuff that has happened/thoughts/people..etc.
1) My comps name is Herm. Krista Whitmore, she is from Utah, went to Utah State, loves guacamole and somoan men. enough said. ha! Just kidding. Kind of. We laugh. all. the. time. I swear we dont stop laughing.

2) My district consists of 8 boys, all out of highschool(minus 2) that are from Arizona, utah, washington. And another set of sisters (who live in our casa) named Herm.  Butler and Herm. Monsivais

3) The food here is quite interesting. Its just not home food. If you are from the states, you will not be used to the food. It looks ALOT worst than it tastes though.. lol it makes me laugh, we have hot dogs, onions and green peppers for BREAKFAST. Everything is pretty bland but not too bad.

4) Me and Herm. Whitmore have taught 3 lessons with an impromptu investigator.. His name is Martin.. aka Hermano Wolfe. Our first lesson was on Gods love for him and whatnot and I basically broke down..It was on day 3 of being here, I had no CLUE what he was saying and our nerves were getting to us, we seriously were so distraught. We decided that our problem was overplanning the situation instead of listening to what this man had to say. We came back on Saturday and taught him about faith and encouraged him to read Alma 32 about faith. He agreed and did so. It was an ok lesson but the NEXT lesson, which we had yesterday went great. At least I thought so. It was the first time I understood a word he was saying and I could totally pick up what he was saying, It made me so happy. Herm. Whitmore and I walked out and she thought it went terrible. I seriously thought she felt the same way I did but she just said that she is a pro at faking it! haha LOVE HER.

5) Please go to Mackenzies farewell! And hug her for me! She will have fun here

6) I really am a Latina at heart. I love the Spanish! I was told a few days ago by Hermana Butler that I was totally speaking Spanish in my sleep. Its kind of funny. Now I can be a biliguial sleep talker. Holleratchyogirl.

7) Will you tell Phill Kumar to email me! I totally forgot to tell him goodbye and everything..write on his facebook page on behalf of me and just tell him to write me! I felt bad.

8) Im glad that Uncle Bear and Aunt Julie were inspired by my talk. That seriously was my goal. I love them and am excited for them.. I cant write them THIS week..bc I went to the temple..but please please please por favor send my love.
9) My companera y me have a CALLING! Shes sitting next to me and I asked her what we are called..We forgot..But oh well. LOL

10) MEXICO CCM is amazing. Its literally beautiful. You are kind of in this little valley with green mountains covered in concrete colored or NEON colored casas that are very very very slumsish..if that makes sense. Ive never seen anything like it..but then you go into these gates in 90 acres of beautiful land. There are these fun circles that you get to go into if theres and earthquake. Pretty rad. lol.

11) Im addicted to this chocolate candy called  CHOCO RETAS! They are like chocolate m&ms kinda! SO DELISH

12) There will be a picture with me and a bunch of sisters going to Ecuador! Not my comp but there names are Herm Alvarado, Herm Clark, Hermana Campbell and Hermana Findley! They are so great.

13) On sunday we had a devotional/movie night. So fun. We watching Ferris Buellers Day Off. I kid. We watched some Book of Mormon video about this guy from Sicili, Italy ...hmm?? His name was somethiing DiFrancesha...IDK but he was a minister, one day found a BOM(without a title page and name on it)  and totally read it and believed it then taught it..the other brothers of the ministry wanted him to burn it because it took away from their teachings and he refused..IT took years for him to actually figure out what this book was but he was true to what he felt and finally when he was an old nam got baptized. It was a great lesson on faith and reading/loving the BOM

14) Spencer got called to Uganda? Oh my gosh. That is so so crazy. I cant believe that. He will do so well. Make it up to his farewelll! I love the Wilkinsons

15) Seriously SJ! Seminary is awesome. Go and enjoy it. Youll be out here on a mission soon. (: PS get used to chicken and rice..its a stable food here in Mexico.. and the rest of the world..

16) I met my mission presidents daughter, Hermana Torres.. She is serving in the Westside of Chicago..WOOT WOOT. I told her I love Chicago and she will too. She said that traffic here is great compared to Ecuador(refer to my next point) and she said to not bring any jewlery..dont even bother.. I feel extremely out of place having so much luggage and jewlery.. I might just give stuff away before I leave the CCM. I dont need it and have learned to work with very little.
17) THE TRAFFIC HERE STINKS. Oh my gosh. I kid you not, we were in a bus and the bus was so close to the other bus that we could give the people next to us highfives (or books of mormon) whatever works..lol

18) The first night here, I didnt have a companion, electricity or sheets. But I DID have a cold shower. It was kind of funny.. I actually met my comp at Washington DC.. She was getting her visa too, but at at a different time..so at the airport I asked if she was a missionary and she was, so we basically bonded for like 2 minutes... She was SUPPOSED to go to the peru mtc but they are so full, they sent her here..well ... she didnt know that... lol so she was 6 hours past her flight and totally missed her flight here..so she came a day late.. It was funny.. We seriously like crack jokes nonstop.

19) MEXICO RAINS ALL THE TIME. We pretty much have a storm at 5..every single day.
20) My dang favorite waterproof shoes ..crocs BROKE..the strap broke when we were playing rapid ping pong. Kind of made me sad.. But I think ill just got off the mary jane strap..

19) Im roommates with Sister Butler, who lives in San Diego and went to BYUI and knows Beth Evans! I love Beth Evans. What  great commonality we share.

21) YES.. my numbers above went 19, 20, 19.. thats what writing fast does to you.

22) Elder Haslam, in my district says he wants to start an Iguana stampede in Ecuador. Just take  a minute to think about how funny that would be.

23) Elder Whetton is in my district.. Yes.. Whetton? Whetten? I always spell that wrong..sorry.. But he is from Gilbert, AZ and is a decendent of the Mexican Whettons! lol

24) I totally feel like giving up sometimes.. I really do. The BIGGEST secret of this church is that a mission is HARD. Its hard to wake up everyday and go to sleep on time and study for so many hours and BLAH. its hard. Its really really hard. The thing that keeps me going is the pictures of christ on my wall.. Right by my bed, I have a picture of Christ praying.. Its beautiful. Its so pretty. I think about my coming to Heavenly Father multiple times a day with the silliest prayers and questions when Christ, who atoned for EVERYONES SINS prayed so sincerely and calmly. It made me so happy.  I also have a poem about Christ that the Elder in our ward gave to me... THANK YOU ELDER! I dont mean this note to sound negative.. A mission is by no means bad... it just sucks the life outta ya. I also think of all my dearest and best friends who have been on, on, or going on a mission! I think of Danielle in Chile, Erin in California, Abby and Emily in France, Tyler in Phillippenes, Andrew in Paraguay, richie in columbia  and it makes me so relieved. They have all probably been through what I have and even you dad! I read your letter and totally cried...and am starting to cry now.

22) I went to the temple today.. It was something else... I walk in, get my clothes and go into change and their dressing rooms are like 2 feet tall.. Okay thats dramatic but seriously...they are so so short.. I felt like Buddy the Elf trying to take a shower.. Seriously. It made me laugh. There was also a lady that made me laugh there. First of all, She was a temple worker with BLUE EYELASHES. Ive seen blue eyelashes in Vegas before, just not the templo! lol!  This sister was trying to say my name.. So shes like.. nombre? and Im like Hermana Bennett! and shes like... Hermana Bennech?.. Nooo... Bennett! So I had to like spell it out for her and it turned out to be BEN-IT. It took like 5 minutes.. It was hilarious.

So... This is all Ive got... I believe.

THANKS FOR THE LOVE FAMILIA! I was expecting like 2 emails maybe and got like 22...

But lets do my companion a favor yeah? Can you guys blow up her inbox with messages?

krista.whitmore (At) myldsmail.com ....
She didnt get much mail and it made me sad! SHOW SOME LOVE

hmmmmmmm!!!! I will try to send another email with pics ok

love you love you love you

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