Hola Familia!
This week was grand.

I have felt your love for me while reading your letters. I am grateful for the friends and familia writing me and expressing such a deep love for me. It makes my heart so happy.
This week has been amazing. Let me tell ya a few points.
1) On Sunday, We had an awsome day and watched a Devotional given in Januaray by Elder Holland. What a great man. He talked about true conversion and something that really stood out for me was that his theory is that the ancient missionaries knowingly had NO success because they knew that they were only paving the way for our generation. This is the time to be a missionary. This is the life. He also said something like (In quotes) Do you think that the church leaders knew that we could trust the Aaronic Priesthood Esacapees to serve missions! It was so funny. GO watch it for FHE. Its a provo mtc devo from Januaary. Its great.
2) A spider bit my arm... that awkward fatty part of your arm (weenis)... Yup. Pretty sure its called a weenis. My bite is almost as bad as that name. lol pictures comin
3) This week we learned about the atonement. One of our zones that are headed out kind of had a serious reality check. Their teacher, Hermano Ralphs noticed that they were not where they should be..Their language was not good enough, they were disobedient to little things, they didnt do their calling and they were just not their potential. He decided to teach them an awesome lesson. He walked the class to each room and personall took the blame for each of his students. He said he is sorry for letting us down, them downa nd our future investigators down. It was kind of a let down because we had a super duper positive morning but oh well. He took the blame for them and we could feel the influence of his lesson..
4) PS our casas are huge they are way better than college.
5) dont send my glasses..They will get stolen.
Is the food better? The food suprisingly is better. Its been so funny though..Ok..This does not go on blog..or just make is sound better than what Im going to say... ((((MOMS VERSION: she and her companions got ill from the pizza. but were glad they had pizza!!)))).. Great bonding experience..lol all barriers offish gone. Its mexico independence week so its very very very fiestaish this week. Its fun. Ive actually had some normal food this week... Chicken cordon bleu, ice cream, and other good stuff.

How's the Spanish coming along? Es mas o menos! Lol I really feel at paz with it but it needs work. I can pretty much understand most of the times when people talk to me but i need to work on my replies. We stop the laundry people and gardners here and talk to them. Its so fun. lol

How's your companions? Good ish. Hermana Whitmore and I are super good. We had one day where we were just kind of grumps but we got over it and changed out attitudes. Hermana Monsivais doesnt quite have the same type of humor we do so it gets interesting sometimes but ESTA BIEN.

What happened went you got to the mtc?? Like details? .. You drive on this official CCM Mexico bus through the crazy city, they drop you off, you go into the main building..I met Sister Jones who is amazing and cared for me my first night and they let us write you.. then we get a green packet with our keys and comps names etc..then we go to our casas! I didnt have a casa because I was kind of lost but esta bien. We had these crazy good sandwitches too. Just saying.

Did they set up all the money stuff with you ? I get 120 pesos a week here. Its plenty honestly. You dont need much.. We go to the tienda and buy Helado when our lessions go bad. Pray for good lessons, or else these Hermanas will be muy gorda..lol  (((((MOM COMMENT: so I was like wow she's getting a lot of money. I had notices she hasn't used her accounts from home. I say to Dean if she isnt using the money the church is giving she can save it...Deans say honey thats like $9 a week. 120 pesos sounds like a lot))))))

What is your daily schedule?
6:30 wake up
7 Personal Study
7:30 Breakfast
8 to 9 Personal Study
9 to 12;30 class time with Hermana WIlliams.. Who served her mish in San Fernando.. Lesson planning, language etc
12;30 lunch.. biggest meal of the day. Yum
1 to 2:30 we have like service or gym time depending on the day
3 teaching lessons or more class time with Hermano Wolfe
7 Tall time..language study on the computers
8 to 9 is like class time where we do solo study with no teachers
9:30 back to casa
10:15 lights out.. we are pretty dang good this. haha

Do you get to work out?
SI and I love it. Hermana Clark does these killer ab workouts that I love. I should go workout today.. Its hard to workout with 4 people and to comprimise.. I want to go like run or lift and they want to do nothing or kick soccer balls.. Sorry if that sounded negative..I didnt mean it too..but its hard to work together.. lol

Can you write us during the week and email picture of letter?
YES. I actually did that for grammy. I have a letter for her. That would be awesome. Could you subject your emails WRITE for me so I can print them specifically?

Are you able to take a lot of pictures? On pday, yes. I have a lot that need to be sent but I can only send so many in my emails. Its weird.

What can we send you?? I seriously think im ok. I wish I had one more pair of capri workout pants.. Im always worried my one pair of capris packed are too leggingsish and that someone will tell me to change.. So i have like gray on gray workout clothes.. I sound so spoiled but thats a serious fashion flaw. lol

Any treats?? I ate a picnic to go thing you bought me last night and it was DELISH. could you just send me a in in out burger and neopolitan shake. lol

Have been able to stay out of your Ecuador suitcase?? Well.. sort of. I had to get certain things out like my towel and um... medical stuff like advil or whatever.. So its just kind of sitting on the floor. lol yeah
DAD= your letters are so great. I love them and am grateful  for them
SJ= an A in math! WAHOO. Golden Child. You are so smart! Keep it up. Make your freshman year amazing
EllIE= Im excited fro you to be in accelerated classes. They are so rewarding. You will have so much fun. Stay organized
Luke= I hope you win student rep! You are great. Your buddies just love you.
Jake= NO MORE SNIFFLES. I love you and wish I could snuggle you.
Grammy= cutest grammy ever. I love your car and cant wait to drive in it when I get back
Hoylers= I LOVE YOU! MAke me so happy.
Tell breanne I love her so so much. She been on my mind lately.
PS Ive had some craaazy dreams while ive been here..
Ok.. Pictures in a little bit.

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