Family & Friends,How are you? Sorry I fell off the face of the planet last week. Last week was difficult but thats okay :) I have another new companion! Hermana Angulo is her name and she is from Cordoba, Argentina! She is super awesome. Seriously. I love her. Its been a fun week because we have the same time in the mission. Its been weird because we both have the same time in the mission. She left only 2 ish weeks before me.. and was waiting in Argentina for her visa for 2 months..so she finished her training (first 12 weeks) in Argentina and then once she got here(1 month ago), Presidente asked her to do her 12 weeks of training again! So..she has more time on the mission than me by two weeks but I have 6 more weeks in Ecuador..but she knows Spanish.. So.. we pretty much train eachother.. neither of us are the senior comp! She is so awesome.We are already planning how Im going to fit her in my suitcases when I come home. LOVE her.

Plus.. She was companions with Allie Clawson in argentina. We were meant to know eachother. Love her. 

My spanish is getting so much better.. Hermana Angulo is mi don de Dios (Gift from God!)..She is the sweetest thing..She is a little on the timid side..and so am I (in Spanish!) So.. I sometimes have to be the voice during lessons..which is such a blessing. We really have not had much success in this area but its okay. We have hope and have had strong efforts to find more people. Ill tell more stories later.. but basically heres a funny story.

My district leader is from Lima Peru and is trying to learn english. I decided to tell him that the word Cocopuff means something extremely offensive. (Which is a big deal..because all the latinos know offensive words in english..) So.. I accidently like 3 days later used the word with him and he was so in shock! Hilarious. I finally came clean..but yes..it was seriously the greatest thing in the world. 

Anyways. this is short. Ill explain more stories on christmas..aka 2 DAYS! Holler. Love you all. 

Hna Bennett

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    I am Sister(Hermana) Bekah Bennett.  I will shortly be serving 18 months of my life on a church-based mission  in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I leave August 28th, 2013 and travel to the Mexico Missionary Training Center to better prepare myself for my mission & mission language. My blog at that point in time will be ran by my little sister E and my mom! I am grateful to serve my Lord and invite you to follow my journey! 

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