Short Letter this week. 
Dear Momma,
Send Jello no bakes, and letters!! HAHA!  Got a new companion this week. sister Jolley. I just love her. We laugh and talk. We have had some amazing spiritual moments this week. I am sorry I can't write them all in an email, I will in a letter in the mail.  
Yes. Hermana Jolley is here!!
Okay. Heres a few things to know..
Just because I forget every week.
1) the mail system here STINKS. I probably wont get your letters for a month..and then a package for 2ish maybe 3.. im not sure if you should use the same company if i have to sign for the box..because I am seriously 3 hours away from the misión home.
2) I would tell you my address..but in Ecuador..addresses really dont exist. ITs just kind of like... that purple house above the Green house.. kind of deal. so yeah (; hmm.
***back story: Bekah asked me last week to send her our favorite cookie recipes, becuase she wanted to bake for her members and neighbors***
ps I cant make that gingerbread cookie récipe.. store bought sugar cookie dough doesnt exist here. lol

We lost Mr. F and Mr J. Sad but that is the life of a missionary. 

WE are working with Ms C, BOy M and Momma L. C is the 16 year old with a baby..did I tell you about her? The mom is probably 50 ish years old and boy M is only 9.. First we were teaching C.. me and my other comp..they were interested and the momma L was extremely into it.she understood all the topics and help C understand too..She has epilepsy and no education..its extremely hard to teach her... So this past week...we kind of turned the focus more so on Momma L because we knew that she was the foundation of the family and would be the one that could impliement the góspel the most in her family She has SO many questions and loves to read... praise the heavens.
Its been so rewarding. This past sunday, we were riding the bus to their house and we saw momma L and boy M walking to the church. ahhhh. SERIOUSLY. it was the best moment.. it was proof that she had her own desire to go! We were soo happy. Her baptism date is november 23rd.

MOM. The grocery store is so sketchy! hah there is one in Central Machala called Super Tia. It is super thirdworldish and scary.. They have meat in like open containers and BLARGH. Its super sketchy and im a total target to get robbed. But thats ok. lol. No worries. Ive been having stomach issues this past week..but thats okay! IM just happily drinking sprite. I have stories to tell..in the near future.. 15 months...lol

We have alot of funny moments and times. I was sick last night so we made snowflakes and took goofy pictures. It was so fun! haha (:

***Backstory: I asked Bekah how a struggle she was going through got resolved***
I really am not sure. I prayed to heavenly father and asked that I would be delieved through this.. seriously everytime i asked for this on my misión..something happens before me..  then yesterday. i read in my scriptures and this came up... alma 56 verse 47 Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the a liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them

Word to your mother.!!
It was so perfect. The lord does really know me and also I feel that Pres. Torres really does care for the welfare of the missionaries and knows when we struggle. He is inspired!
yeah basically some dude was trying to grab my bag today. it was funny. i just pulled it towards me and like gave him the death glare. I have funny stories.!
I love you!!! XOXOXOXO
Hermana Bennett

Lisa Bennett
11/4/2013 07:38:10 am

Letters are coming!

susan ohanley
11/4/2013 10:30:39 pm

So good to hear about our special girl!! I will pray for her safety and her stomach!! Patrick is having issues with his also!! So glad she has her death glare down!!! Go sister Bennett!!!


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