This weeks letter summarized by one word = tough.


Hna. Bennett
Just kidding. I will write more. Yes. This weeek has been trying. Why? Because working is hard. It requires effort and specifically work focused on the Savior Jesus Christ needs to be selfless, patient and loving. I have felt not very much of these attributes this week. I read a talk by President Eyring in the 2011 Christmas Ensign about being grateful. I really feel like this week I have been murmuring. I have been thinking.. Oh poor me... I have to take cold showers, I eat so much rice Im going to come home weighing 8000 pounds, theres so many ants, I am sick of stepping in dog poop. Yup. That was me. I was being so ungrateful. I read this talk probably 5 or 6 times. And decided to take (In quotes) The Grateful Challenge. I wrote down 100 things I am grateful for. By the end of writing 100 things, you realize that that list doesnt even possibly cover what more you could write. It was so helpful. I am so grateful for the Lord. Im grateful I have someone who can walk by me and talk with me when I dont have the words to say how I feel in Spanish. Im grateful to feel the Spirit from people even when I cant understand any words they are saying. Its a warming feeling to go to sleep every night, kind of confused about my day and things that have happened and know that I am loved.
So.. yeah.. thats my serious part of this letter. Now, lets get down to more stuff.
1) I had my first Empanada here. Wow. amazing. Mindblowing actually. It was kind of perfect.
2) At our mission leaders home, we were about to say a prayer and my comp sang this prayer chant song in spanish...we all were like clapping and Hermana Catmull at the end was like HALLEJLAH. Super funny. So then.. like 3 days later, me and my comp were teaching this lady and she lives right next to the Evangelico church... they were having some kind of music thing.. i dont know.. and were singing.. then every once in a while, would say HALLELUJAH.. it was so funny.. I started cracking up.. It was like the bad laughter where its embarrasing and I was all giddy.. the lady at least thought it was funny that I was laughing.. Yeah.. Embarrasingly funny..
3) Question about bananas and shrimp? YES. I am in the Camaron and banana capitol. Its so delicious. lol
4) Our investigators.. are alright..
Ms. C and Family: C is a great woman.. she has 5 kids ages 3-21 and is supposed to get baptized in the next 3 weeks..She has been kind of pushing us away..which is painful because we had DANG good lessons with her. We have much faith!
Mr. F: 78 year old abuelo.. baptism date for nov. 2nd...but he broke his foot! So he is casted up.. SUCH A BUMMER.
Mr J: This guy is about 55 years old..has 5 kids.. i think that are all sons and he is on point! He is so awesome. We started talking to him and he knew it was true. He is great. We are so grateful for his strength.
Anyways, thats my life. The food is delish. I love love letters, so please send em my way!

Understand that I am super busy and only have an hour to write to total people, so dont feel bad if i dont write back everyweek! But know that I love you and am grateful for friends and family.

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