I had a dream about 3 weeks ago that I was going to go to Loja..ever since then, I have been telling my companions that I was going to have transfers and that I was going to Loja! (not sure Hermana Crum or Hermana Angulo appreciated that hah).. So...no suprise that today, I am being transferred to Loja! I went to Guayaquil (3 hours) ..came back to Machala (3 more hours) and luckily enough the elderes told me and my new companion (Hermana Baca) that we can have a Pday! So I am here! :) I am headed to LOJA! I saw Elder Whetton from my CCM group and he told me that hes eaten all kinds of fun things like rabbits, and guinea pigs.. Gulp. 

So christmas...
After we got off skype and went back to our house, we were so bored.. it was extremely lonely! Our cute hermana that lives next door, Hermana Flor invited us to listen to the Choir sing.. So beautiful! After, the Queva Family invited us to eat dinner with them.. we felt so loved. It was truly an answer to our prayers because we were feeling slightly homesick expecially since our sector has not been progressing as well as we had desired. It was just a reminder that the Lord loves us and has given us members to work with and help, even in times where we arent exactly receiveing baptisms and new investigators. It was such a tender mercy. 

What more? My invitation for you all is to write down your tender mercies. I decided during this last transfers to dedicate a page in my agenda to tender mercies..and it sincerely helped me see the good in my day. It helped remind me of happy pivitol moments of other days that had passed! It has been such a blessing. 

Over Christmas, I really remembered why I am here. I remembered that I am serving this mission because I love the Lord and he called me to do this. When President Monson announced the age change, it wasnt even an option to say no. He was speaking directly to me. The prophet himself might as well called me by name to serve here in Ecuador. Thats how I felt and its been testified to me alot recently. Its not important if you dont know the language or culture, your light and your testimony will help people. Thats what is most important. I love you all so much. 

I am grateful for friends and family that support and love me. I am grateful for faithful friends on all corners of the Earth serving. You can do hard things! 

My love and prayers are with you :)

PS forward this to aunt julie
Marianne Noble
1/3/2014 03:28:20 pm

Hi Sister Bennett! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love reading about you experiences & the way The Lord is teaching & loving you.
Tomorrow Spencer is going to the Temple for endowment, leaving on his mission Feb. 5 for NY NY North Spanish speaking. MTC in Mexico City. He's extremely ready & excited. Lots good happening here. We see your family @ church and they look terrific. We miss you & are praying for you. Best to you in 2014. Lots of love & hugs from our whole family to you!!


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