Hola Familia!!
Ecuador is beautiful and HOT! My spanish is really coming along great. Our ward is wonderful and the members are so loving. I got your package today..happy halloween to you all too. I loved my Greenie Bag to. Thanks for the much needed chapstick and goodies. When the Elders delivered it to me, they said (in spanish) "how great your family sent you rocks!" They said that because it was so heavy, not  alot of missionaries get packages that weigh 9 pounds. I really loved it, and felt very loved. Thank you so so so much!!!! The members we were with thought it was so funny that you sent me pouches of Tuna stamped "product of Ecuador". they do that right here in Machala. So funny! But I loved it, and will eat it! The grocery stores are not the same here. Okay Luke: yes the water goes the opposite direction in the toilet here. It is our summer here so it is very hot.
Sister Crum and I love our ward and they give us lots of people to teach, but we have been more productive with Tracting. (Mom-thanks for the idea to teach a nativity program to the primary and have them invite their non member little friends and families for a party and perform it. thats a great idea! Sister Crum and think that might be so wonderful !) 
I love you. It is hard to send pictures. I sometimes get yours. They are fun people here! They are super mellow and talkative. Haha the spanish is coming slowly but surely.. someday.

 My favorite phrase in spanish is ya mismo.. it basically is when you tell me to do the dishes..and I yell back ONE SEC..but really i take 10 minutes.. does that ring a bell? hahah it means something different in all parts of the world but here its my fave. haha

i love it... hmm my toilet water just goes straight down.. i dont think it spins at all.. lol :) pday is fun... we went shopping and bought an obligatory blouse.. ate chinese food.. what a funny experience.. lol now we are at the cyber cafe.. we are close to the mar but apparently its not that cool. machala is cool but not like super awesome or jungly or anything at all. its more like a city! 

This last sunday was stake conference. Presidente Torres came and spoke. What i realized is that he is so inspired and so loving. He works JUST as hard and then alot more than I understand in this work of the Lord. He told me my spanish will come along with patience, practice and faith and soon I will be a trainer for someone else. Our wards program is good.. we receive alot of help from members and have alot of references. Hermana Crum and I decided that weve been approaching these last 2 weeks the wrong way.. we have the mindset that we are in MACHALA.. we are in the best sector and people will just come to us..without as much work..so we have changed our plans and are going to work harder.. we have a great rellationship. I am so grateful for Hermana Crum. She is so obedient but also loving at the same time. I have almost finished my bom in english for the first time on the mish! wooho! Its so great.. 

Thats pretty much summed up my week. Not much of a successful week but I am learning to forgive myself and move forward... Elder Holland says... To keep the an eye towards the gods goodness, (Quote: The formula of faith is to hold on, work on, see it through, and let the distress of earlier hours-- real or imagines-- fall away in the abundance of the final reward) wooh.

thats my motto as of recently!
Loving you from here!! B

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