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Each of us is a runner in the race of life. Comforting is the fact that there are many runners. Reassuring is the knowledge that our eternalScorekeeper is understanding. Challenging is the truth that each must run. But you and I do not run alone. That vast audience of family, friends,and leaders will cheer our courage, will applaud our determination as we rise from our stumblings and pursue our goal. The race of life is not forsprinters running on a level track. The course is marked by pitfalls and checkered with obstacles. (Thomas S. Monson, The Will Within,1987 GC Talk)
Sorry..there are no quotes on the spanish keyboard. I loved this quote mucho. It is from my favorite talk. I was kind of needing change..or a push and it was perfect! Look it up. This week has been pretty normal. I can not believe how time flies here. It is seriously unreal! I love it because I feel the change in myself. (Refer back to the GC talk) I feel myself changing for the better.
Here are some highlights of the week:
-Last tuesday, after I got done emailing you guys, my comp and I talked to this cute little 6 year old. It was hillarious. His name is Oscar. He speaks only spanish so it was funny to see him totally not understand me. Oh well (: We learned some new words. After that we went to the health clinic because my comp needs glasses.. little did we know that we were going to drive 2 hours away to some Optomistrist... or that we would have the biggest rainstorm ive ever seen in my life. It was crazy. It was something straight out of the movies. I was seriously scared for my life. We got to the doctors right before they were going to close and Herm. Whitmore got her eyes checked. We really cant speak conversational espanol well so the lady just kind of forced my comp to get these bright blue glasses. They are cute as a button but not something she wouldve probably picked out! haha
-SICK. Every letter Ive sent home I think ive been sick. This week it is NOT a spider bite or pink eye..But I did get a nice cold. I was up all night and slept during my morning classes. It was just one of those painful colds where like all you need is time to sleep! I was so grateful for that. You dont even know!
-I sang come thou fount in front of class! It was crazy. We sing hymns 24/7.
-Sunday we had a great devo by the director of the MTC, bro cates. Bro. cates talked about us needing to get accustomed with other cultures and also talked about facing yourself towards the future with faith. He talked about his own life experiences and how he would be at the provo mtc and look at the mountains and wish his days away that he could go rockclimbing. It was so needed for me. He talked about letting everything go. He says that we literally need to just get cozy and unpack our bags. We are here on missions and need to focus on our purpose. That is hard sometimes, not gonna lie.
-I went to the temple again! Fun times. I actually understood like a solid 74% of what was being said
Hmm..really this week has not been like extremely noteworthy. We have just been doing our normal routines! haha (: I cant think of much else to say other than that.
I love you and miss you mucho!
Les quiermo!
Hna Bennett
PS.. I met this guy named Elder Moore from Canada..and he looks like Papa Stan. Its kind of weird.


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