Yup. I moved! Now I can officially say I have 5ish-6 weeks in the field, Ive lived in 3 houses, 2 sectors and have 3 companions.. yup. You heard it right. THREE COMPS! Im now in a trio. I love Hermana Jolley. She has been a joy and I have learned so much from her. Last week, another Hermana in our district got her visa for her mission to Mexico so we had changes! They decided to move Hermana Jolley and I to Boyaca to live with her and be in a trio! Woohoo! It kind of was sad because we had a baptismal date set and were really progressing with Laureles and Edison but its okay, its all meant to happen for a reason! So now I live with Hermana Harper and Hermana Jolley. We are all white. We are all GRINGAS!!!! We have the funniest times together. Really though, we have had the BEST times together. Gah I just love my trio! I feel like a total spoiled sister missionary though, we moved to a new house and its much...more humble than the last. We have concrete floors and sort of live on this little farmlike land. Its hard to explain but Ive definatly learned to not get too cozy in one casa! Life is great.

We are teaching and commited a girl named Christina to baptism. She is 14 years old and is SO CUTE. She reminds me of Landyn Dyer.. you know how Landyn is always smiling and so genuinley sweet, that is how Christina is. I just love her. 
We are working hard in the YW program here. Momma thanks so much for making that an important part of my life, and your a convert too!! The girls here are so great, because life here is not complicated by to many acitivites (ie: dance, and school stuff) the girls are all really tight and really have strong testimonies. I think because these girls have so very little in our material world they cling to the gospel. ((((I wish our little YW in our ward, could see how important this--and that what you wear, or who you date, or what kind of purse you have, or how popular you are...mean NOTHING!!!))) It has really helped me to be with the little YW here. I love sharing my adventures that I had in YW. The leaders need our help and I feel confident enough to serve and teach. (I had a good examples with you momma, and all my YW leaders..Sister Futrell, Sister Gurliddes, Sister Fish, Sister Crockett and My Sweet Sister Dastrup,,,oh I miss them!!) 

We have really had  slow progress this week. It was a bummer but we are trying to pick it back up and work with members to help in this great work! That is something Ive learned that is SO important. Missionaries need to feel the love and serve the members so that the members can trust them with their friends and other references. Missionary work is not just going out and finding people in the streets or knocking on doors. Its building up every member in the barrio! (ward) 

So.. let me tell you a funny story.. 

Hermana Harper has been having some skin problems lately and so we went to the Hospital a few nights ago.. we hopped into a taxi late at night because its a tad peligroso (dangerous).. We all get in and Im just like QUE PASO TAXI DRIVER! (whats up!) and the guy just kind of laughs at me..but whatever, im a sister missionary and Im only impressing the Lord. So, we explain that we are missionaries and he is like.. COOL! Im Catholic.. but I am looking for a woman.. and I would change. So I without a pause am just like.. NOT IMPORTANT, do you have faith? and whip out my pamphlet and just keep talking.. it was funny because this is where we are all different in the trio, Hermana Harper is like ¨welp, this is awkward.. Hermana Jolley is like ¨.. Im just going to smile and ignore your comment and im like... I pretty much dont know what you are saying to me but its not important! You need the GOSPEL! My confidence is growing but its kind of hard..we attract alot of creeps in Machala!  It is so fun. I really love these girls! We have so much fun. 

The grocery stores are fun. Pday is fun, we pretty much go to Machala Central and shop. It is fun and today we bought soccer jerseys! Ill have to buy some before I get home for the entire family! (: I Love you guys. 


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