Hola Familia!

My Pday is on Mondays in the field. I loved talking to you all. This week has been full of alot of changes and different cultures. My mish pres. said to be careful what I say in my letters and if you are going to post it in a blog, make sure its nothing too personal. 

My companeras name is Hermana Almeida. She is from Uraguay! She is 22 years old and is leaving her mission in 10 weeks. Yup. TEN WEEKS! Holy cow, that seems like so far away for me. She is super sweet..oh and did I mention that she speaks NO english? NADA. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Presidente Torres met with me and was like.. you are one of the lucky few who gets fully immersed. Which is totally true. I dont have a choice but to pick up`Spanish. My area is in Machala..president torres daughter, who I met in the CCM said that this is the more poor parts of Ecuador but people are more receptive. I am in a specific zone <kept Private>.... My first night was great. We took a 3 hour bus ride from the city to Machala. We arrived at the casa and we were living in this 4 story high building, we lived on the 4th floor. It was so big. INSERIO. I thought we would be living in a shack or something.. it was very nice and very spacious. But heres the catch.. apparently the roof had been leaking like rivers of water a few days before and the bathrooms stopped working, the kitchen sink didnt work and yeah.. it was crazy. So the next morning, the other Hermanas we live with, Hermana Lujan y Catmull were like... SO we are moving! But they needed $100.. I forked over my 100 dollar bill because I was so scared to keep it on my.. Hermana Lujan and my comp seriously like freaked out that I had such a big bill..lol it was so funny. I get reimbursed so no worries. 

We had a few investigators this week..but unfortunatley..no successes.

Ms. D> is an 18 year old girl and was really never interested in the church in the first place (I could feel that she was bothered by us but I dont know how to say that in Spanish lol) So we met 3ish times then she went to church and said that she doesnt want to get baptized, she doesnt want anything to do with it..OH well. That is life! Maybe someday

Ms. E> is a girl who is also 18..she was somewhat interested in our mensaje but when we came by to remind her about church on sunday, her mom totally flipped out and was like SOY CATOLICA! No otro Iglesias! ..So..THat was that.

We met like an 84 year old man named Mr. F> and he seemed golden to me.. we talked and talked and he was Catholic but was receptive.Still not sure if he was pulling our legs but told us where he lived and etc..we tried going to his house..but it doesnt exist. Yup. We went back to the place we first met him and this man name Manuel was there..we talked to him too and he could not stop staring at me. He called me Gordita. Still not 100% sure if that means a little fat or fat and beautiful. But its normal to call people fat. Im going to come home being so blunt.


People stare at me ALL THE TIME. Being a tall giagantic gringa is tough..hah 

We take taxis and buses everywhere. Its great. I still have get tried bananas. I need to though. There are SO many bananas. Its ridiculous.

So ..IM no gonna lie..I feel a little trunky today. I just want a dang hot dog. 

People live off of their tiendas (basically little snack shops).. the bread here is fabulous. We live right down the street from a Columbian Bakery. Yum! Its usually our end of the day tradition. 

I kind of sprained my foot. I get to wear this spiffy brace thing. Its cool.

People here use the term MONDAY and QUE CHEVRE.. Monday = what? Que Chevre= Thats fantastic..people speak extremely different here. Its so fast but I have alot of hope that I can pick it up.

We get fed ALOT of rice. Its crazy. The weirdest thing ive had here is a heart...I lowkey didnt eat it but I ate everything else in compensation..lol Its rude if you dont eat the whole plate, so i just ask for less..its crazy. but  good!

Hmm..what else? I think that kind of sums it up. The children here are obsessed with me and so facinated that I am from the states. I try to explain that vegas is in the states..lol its kind of fun! There are alot of african american people here. Seriously! There is this little dark skinned baby name Hermonie who is SO stinking cute I could eat her up. I want her. 

Anyways..Manchala is not wealthy..I feel like there are parts that do have money but in majority, people dont have much. We visit families and the children will be in the same clothes for like 4 days straight. 

I shall send pictures next week! Ecuador is very hot and my favorite parte of my dia es cuando yo dormir! Estoy muy calor pero muy feliz. Yo vive in ECUADOR! Que is mejor tan ese? NADA! Le Queiro mucho! Mi companera sends love too! 

So many people pass me and say HALLO..and try to speak english..its so funny..then I just reply back in spanish and they are like.. uhhhh...

We eat alot of days at the mission leader in our ward..His name is Tito...He has 6  kids all between ages 5-13..they are so fun and obsessed with me! Its tons of fun. Their mom makes the best juice. AHHHH so yummy.

I went to the grocery store today..so different..lol you have to like lock up your bags in lockers before you go in and its super crowded. ITs just crazy. I love it here but today has been overwhelming. ESTA BIEN! 

I love you much and expect more letters next week!!! 

Hna Bennett

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