My eyes are about to fall out of my head!!!
ES VERDAD! Mi ojos seriously are about to just plop out of my head right now! Estoy muy muy muy consada hoy! I am headed out of
the CCM to fly to Ecuador tonight! Tonight is THE night. This last week here has been extremely rewarding and Ive learned so much about myself
and about my purpose as a missionary. Ive realized that I really dont know every single word in spanish, but that is humbling.
I dont ever need to feel down on myself or frusterated because I dont know enough. The Savior, Jesus Christ has felt my pains,
my petty suffrings and my seemingly hard tasks and atoned for me. I can always be better, so can every other person on this planet.
What Im learning lately is that this is a gospel of change. This is a place of refuge for the imperfect, a comfort for the broken hearted and a
gathering of the fallen to listen to the Lords perfectly pure doctrine. I really do love this gospel. I have felt my Saviors love for me and for all of
his children. Here is a few tidbits of my week/conference.
1) If you know me pretty well, youd know that I am extremely afraid of airports. They give me so much anxiety, its outrageous. Even the thought of an airport
just freaks me out. I hate the whole weight limit thing, I feel like Im going to get kidnapped, I cringe at the smell of the nasty overpriced food. I was determined here at the
CCM to figure out a way to keep my suitcases under 50 lbs. I managed to do so by giving away a WHOLE bunch of stuff. It turned out that our house cleaning lady Nancy was cleaning today while me and my comp had a whole laundry basket full of stuff we just cant take with us. She almost CRIED when I said that she could take all of these treasures. I decided then that my $5 earrings and miscellaneous things were nothing compared to the joy she felt from our selfless service. I dont mean to say this to blow my own horn or make myself look Holier than Thou.. although it made my day. Ive never heard someone say Gracias so sincerely and deeply. It was so inspiring. I feel it was a perfect experience to have right before going to Ecuador. It made me realize how great the message of Jesus Christ is. It can bring people like Nancy the best gift of all. Peace of mind, clear conscience and a new chance everyday to be a little better.
2) Conference was the BOMB.COM ... First off, I learned from a new way of taking notes inspired by President David A. Bednar. In every lesson or talk, you look for the 1)Doctrine 2)Principle and 3) The Blessing ... I took 26 pages of notes during conference in my journal. It was so so powerful. I particularly loved President Hollands talk on emotional disorders.  If you didnt know this about me, I have personally felt bouts of depression/anxiety and have been in those low places. I have also been surrounded by close family members and dear friends who have suffered severely with emotional issues. It warmed my heart to hear someone talk about something that sometimes seems to be pushed to the wayside. It is a REAL and serious problem in our world. In my personal opinion, I feel that it is almost weird to NOT have some kind of issue/disorder. We are faced daily with lifes daily blows. We live in a time of SO much connection to electronics, video games, and disconnects from the Spirit OR Light of Christ.  Im not trying to pick out the exact reason of someones problems although I feel like this is a huge contributor to many of our life stressors. I have felt that. If I had a dollar for everytime my mom pleaded with me to get off my phone... I could buy our country out of debt. Seriously. I had a slight addiction to my [Things] .. I invite you to look at the things in your life that distract you from your purpose. Who are YOU really worshipping today? Just an insight I felt was needed to share.
 I also loved President Uchtdorfs talk. I plead with you reading this email/blog post.. WATCH. THIS. TALK. It will empower you. It will change your life.
So.. I kind of gotta say, Im a big deal. Today I signed a release form to be publicated in the Ensign, future conferences, church tv...SO if you see my face pop up on TV, Im pretty much a super star. Hillarious.
Hm.. so finally.. We had in field orientation on friday, it was so fun. We had one object lesson that I feel is so true to life! Our teachers gave this Hernana a batch of filled balloons. They played out life scenarios and related it to expectations.. For example..
Teacher: Hola Hermana, what mission are you going to?
Mish: I am headed to Chile!
Teacher: Wow. My mom went there. It was so fun and beautiful BUT she got no baptisms and got eaten alive by bugs.
***** Then they popped the balloon*****
It was so true to life. We naturally have this expectation of things and others can sometimes bring us down.. I think its not always direct or in a rude manner although we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders as we are criticized and brought down a little bit. Remember to keep your head high and focus on the positive. Dont let the little things get to you! I loved this lesson and will seriously use it again and again. Hopefully this all makes sense in email form.
I love you all SO much. Sorry that I havent really written a group letter for the last 6 weeks, I really have had no time! I love all my friends and family and constantly pray for you all at home and all of my friends at school!
Hna. Bennett

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