THE TRUTH beat. Im already tired, and this week hasnt even started yet. Seriously. What the heck? :) Let us reflect on this past week.. Heres a few things that have happened..

Guess what.. Im halfway there.. a little bit over halfway.. wow :) The time passes to fast! I cant even believe it. Sometimes I just feel like I just started and I know absolutley nothing, other times, it feels like Ive been here for YEARS. Its interesting.
Being trunky doesnt exist because I am me :) But.. just an FYI.. I only have 8 more fast sundays.. WOW Also.. in 12 weeks I will hit 1 year. WOW

This week is the last week of this transfer.. and man.. This transfer has been a ride. I have learned so much about Christ in these 6 weeks. Every other week has been good or bad.. Usually, the mission is the same, we have bad days and good ones..but recently, its been literally a WEEK thats brutle and then a week where we are are FIRE.. Sometimes, I dont understand why things happen the way they do, but you just gotta go with the flow and love it(or force yourself to love it).. One week, we invite the world to be baptized and they generously accept us and we teach them and the next week, our numbers are extremely humble and we perhaps lose a little motivation.. Motivation is a key aspect here.. Im learning this. 

Also, what else? PABLO is getting baptized this week! We are so pumped. I seriously cant even tell ya. He was chosen. This man seriously doesnt have any challenges with anything so it was so easy for him to accept the gospel. Why cant I find these golden investigators everyday? I think I need to grow my faith. He is ready to get baptized. What else what else what else? :)

I am really trying to gain a testimony of the Word of Wisdom and personal health.. as you might have guessed, I am a little more.. more here in Ecuador thanks to these great mamitas and random Ecuadorians that feed us rice and fried eggs and all sorts of deliciously interesting food all the time.. And its really been great.. I feel the blessings of being more healthy and feel more energy.. :) Sister Wiscomb from Montana now lives in our house and we both workout together in the morning and eat oatmeal everyday. Who would have thought that Quaker Oats could bond two sisters :) I love Sister Wicomb! Send me pinterest workouts, ideas, something cool, anything! :)

And..thats all folks.. I know, even when life is hard, we are so blessed..Sometimes we arent given the direction in which we should go (as missionaries, often) BUT the Lord trusts us enough to be wise and just do the right things and to figure it out. I need to raise my diligence and work more! This is my goal. :) Youd be so suprized and all of my many life goals ive created here on the mish. I know that I am needed to be here in this moment for this exact reason.. to be a better person, a better sister, a better daughter, a better wife, mom, grammy, etc! I needed to go through hardships to learn something new, I need to learn how to seek the Lord in this very moment to truly understand how to raise my future family.. QUE BENDICIONE! Seriously. I am too blessed. Even though this is hard, the blessings are incredible. 

I LOVE YOU all. Please be strong and think of a way to serve someone this week :) All of Heavenly Fathers children need a little boost, Pray for these opritunities.. I promise that if you will pray for an experience, it will come and you will feel the hand of the Lord working through you. 

Also, HELP the missionaries. Go teach a lesson with the Elders, dad :) 
LOVE YOU all so dearly,
Hermana Bennett


Aunt patty
6/3/2014 04:53:39 pm

Love you and are sending prayers your way !


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