Helps the pastillas(pills) go down! This week, I obtained an illness from the Elders.. It was horrible.. Ear ache, nausea, cough, you name it, I had it. This week was incredibly more slow than the other week. It was not fun, to be honest. Ill write some of the things that have happened this week in relation to the Plan of Salvation..

1) Pablos nephew passed away..which was SO sad, he was just a baby, 2 weeks old.. Ive never seen a man so sad in my life. He is so powerful! :) We taught about the Plan of Salvation and that really his nephew is living in paradise, I cried during this lesson.. I was so touched. And I´ve always thought back to the time when Sister Crocketts baby Ezra passed away, we all talked about what had happened in young womens and how Ezra had been obedient, chosen to come to the earth, recieved his body and a great family and was needed for something bigger. His spirit was valient, and I strongly felt the same way about this little baby. 

2) The Zone Leaders also had an interesting experience this week. They were in a bus, in the bus station and somehow, a little girl was hit and sadly lost her life.. with her family...mother & siblings all standing within reach of her. The elders were devastated but then related the experience to the Plan of Salvation.. There were other religious groups there in the station that were trying to console this poor mother, but what she needed was the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. In this moment, this mom needed this Plan, this guide, this comfort. WOW! The elders gained a strong testimony of this plan and it really helped mine also. 

What else? Nothing really. This week was somewhat ... dull and slow. But heres a miracle:  A woman named Janet, from Bolivia came to church for the first time in over 8 years.. Nobody even knew she lived here for all this time..  Wow! :) We are working to rescue these less actives and its actually really cool. It works! :) Its been fun. 

Lesson for you:Eat an apple, take a vitamin, Dont get sick on the mission, folks. Its not fun, at all. Promise. 

:) But, Im better now, and I want to work hard this week and feel the days pass by like they did before! I love you all. 

BE GOOD and write me! :)
Sister Bennett  

5/21/2014 04:27:13 am

Love reading your blogs....this one and the one following about high school are especially noteworthy.
Isn't it interesting to look back and realize missed opportunities and weaknesses to correct while there is still time. I am close to the big "graduation" and am working to correct thoughts, words, and actions before I get to the next level where we will read each other's thoughts....nothing hidden!
What an opportunity you have to learn of what really is important for us to learn and accomplish in this very short period on earth. Continue to make the most of each day...especially the challenging ones.
Know I love you very much and pray for your health and safety. You are an excellent example for our family.

Love and admiration


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