:) Yay! Baptisms. This past week we had baptisms. I sang "I am a Child of God" with a member and basically they want to hire me to be the next Beyonce. I know, Id be a little jealous too. Its a joke! But really this was a sweet moment. This cute sister started crying... Which means alot. We have taught her now for 3 weeks and to be honest, it was hard to break the ice off because she is very serious. I love her to death. It was the sweetest baptism. I felt the spirit oh so strong. Also, literally everything that could have possibly gone wrong, went wrong.. Satan really does work evil when Gods children want to do whats right. Lets review what happened the day of her baptism..
1) Her dress was huge.. lack of clothing
2) The gas ran out
3) The water ran out
4) Presidente Pincay (Counselor of Presdiente Torres) couldnt make her service
5) Change of plans, different Church building!!! 
6) It started to rain..
and rain
...and rain some more
7) The alarm of the chapel rang..we waited for the police, but they didnt show up. Good move, security guy. haha

It was amazing to see that really Satan works hard against us. He gets us down and makes us discouraged. But.. have no fear, God wins. God always wins. Hooray for Israel! I felt the spirit SO strong. WOw :) Incredible.

Oh sidenote, something I forgot to say in my past letter was that the Castillo family got baptized! I taught a girl named Yolanda Castillo here in Cuenca about 3 or 4 months ago..And Sister Nazer told me that she now is a member and that her family is active! When we passed by the chapel, I saw her brother named Erick and Ricardo and literally was SO genuienly happy.. It made my heart SING. Ive never had an experience SO touching. 

In other news, Im Sister leader again! What a great chance to love and serve the sisters in my zone, no? There are more sisters here in this zone than all of the mission.. Sister power! :) I am thrilled. I hope I can serve them and love them. This is my prayer for this week. 

Anyways, keep the prayers rolling. Pray for the health of me and my comp..We have been abit under the weather lately. 

Cold hugs from Cuenca,
Hermanita Bennett


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