Familia y amigos,

This week was crazy fast. Seriously. I had transfers. HA! I know. Again. I think every week I am doomed to be somewhere different. Now, I am in the ever so beautiful and cold CUENCA! My companion is Hermana Mojica, de Nicaragua.. Can I just say I feel so blessed to be here. I feel like I am at home. 

We had 2 baptisms this week, two teenagers, Eddy and Fernanda. We are working hard with their families to help them get baptized as well. I dont have too much to say this week but let me tell you a miracle that happened. 

We got here on Tuesday,and no one from our sector before (the other sisters) live here anymore..so we had to fend for ourselves, figure out where things were,etc.. IT WAS (is, at times) SO HARD. This sector is HUGE. Its called, Alamos. We had to go find our investigators getting baptized.. We found out that Eddy our inv, lives waaaay out far away..and that nobody could help us get out to see him, so we decided to visit him and drive in a taxi.. it was 6 dollars.. We got scammed..but thats okay. hah :) WE got dropped off in the middle of a mountain..literally.. it was about a mile from the main freeway, we tried finding his house, with the very few directions we had and yeah.. We could not find the house..we walked and walked and tried talking to people but no one would listen..seriously. So it was a little frustrating..we tried calling the mom, no response.. SO we started walking back to the main freeway to pay another 6 dollars to get home.. my comp was talking to me about how she was stressed and was wondering why bad things always happen..we talked about how Heavenly Father knows our hearts in times of despair, in times of difficulties and in times where we are really unsure what will happen, he knows.. And we should learn to be diligent and keep our chin up so we kept going, even though we knew if we didnt see Eddy, he probably wouldnt get baptized.. As we kept walking, we passed his mom and she directed us to the house, boom. Baptized the next day. It was a test of our faith. THe lord knew she would cross our path.. :)

And also, everyone says that my spanish is good. Im either improving or Cuencanos are liars. :) haha I feel like its good because I have been with Latinas nonstop for 2 months now. So..yeah :)

Our sector is really big. REALLY big. Its like... My house to Danielles house. With mountains. 

:) ANyways, I love you all. MOM; FWD THIS TO EVERYONE

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