I am so lucky to serve here. I need to be grateful, like President Uctdorf taught us. Here are some funny update, tidbit, noticias de la HERMANA BENNETT.

1) I had transfers. Shocker. Every dang week enserio. I swear Im not a problem child. This is just an Always on the move mission or something like that.. Im in Miraflores, CUenca. My comps name is Hna Jimenez, de Guatamala. Shes so cute! Im so blessed. We have... less than 12 hours together..and Im senior comp. I am kind of freaking out. But I just need to trust in the Lord and let my fears go.. If you guys would send me talks on trusting in the Lord, not worrying, etc..Id oh so appreciate it. I am such a dang worry wart. 

2) I was sad to leave my other sector. We had JUST finally got to know members, investigators, recent converts, etc..But yeah. SO is the life. 

3) Funny story.. I was trying to tell my comp that I have cherry tea....I accidently said I have BEER tea. Yup. Theres a difference between the two. Cerveza, ceresa. 

4) I had my first exchange this week.. it was with Hermana Crum!! MY mommy in the missioN! :) She is so great. I really do love her. She didnt want to serve a mission but she is here and she can do so many things.. shes so powerful! I love that girl. 

5) Learning to go with the flow. I look back at my last companionship.. like ten minutes ago.. hah but seriously.. and I realize that sometimes I am reallllllllllly critical on others or myself.. this is something that I do not love in myself.. I need to change. I need to soften my heart and see the good in all situations, to let things go, breath a little, deal with my stress and GROW. I feel like this negativity brings me down spiritually... I am working on this attribute in myself. Can I just say I AM SO SORRY to my familiy or friends or roommates if I was like this before I came out here into the mission. I sometimes dont always do the right things, think the right things, take the right actions or have the best attitude..but I, as a daughter of God have all the rights and oppritunities to change. What a blessing I, and the rest of the world, have..to change! CHRIST LIVES. I know that Christ lives. 

6) Its my birthday this saturday. WHHHHHOOOOOOP WHOOP. I really am so stoked. I plan on eating my imported microwaved Betty Crocker cake mix for breakfast. Livin on the Edge, I know. 

7) Learning to be diligent and obedient. Something I am really learning here is to be exactly how Heavenly Father wants me to be. Its crazy. I really am grateful for all of my leaders in this zone and the oppritunity to learn these skills..I know it will help me as a mom, as a wife, as a sister, etc. This mission isnt particularly tough, besides the day to day stressors.. but we are OBEDIENT. We have set rules, alot of which are implemented here by the mission president and this has really taught me alot. Sure, I may not always have fun or enjoy every moment of everyday, but Im learning to work through problems, even if I dont want to, even if Im tired, even if I have every excuse to not work, I work. I feel like I have infamous moments of my pre mission life where I could just decide to turn back last minute. Here, I dont have a choice. I need to keep going. I need to teach these Ecuadorians. 

Gosh am I blessed. I love you all so so much. :) xo hna bennett
4/14/2014 11:23:17 am

Wow...senior companion...you deserve it, sweet, spiritual gal! You are learning from each challenge and new companion and area. I can read between your lines your inner progress.
Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dearest Bekah....happy birthday to you. I feel as if I sang to you..as I do my ward members on the phone on their special day. It's a fun thing to do
.Also have a outstanding Easter.
Serve the Lord with great love....one minute...one day at a time. Breath deep and fill your body with healthy faith and oxygen.
From your loving Nana.

Aunt Patty
4/15/2014 10:21:52 am

Happy Birthday and enjoy Easter Sunday. We are celebrating the entire weekend with Lori and family and Rod and the girls. Should be really fun to celebrate our Lord's resurrection each day of the weekend instead of just on Sunday. We will also see Heaven is Real which I know everyone will enjoy.
You so deserve your new "title". I know that you will be a great spiritual guide for all that you meet. Not to worry, the Lord has your back! Put your faith in front of you everyday as you are already doing. Love to you, Aunt Patty


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