its true. Im trying!
this week, we talk 3 deaf people, 1 prostitute, 2 old men who wanted to marry me, 1 old man who wanted to marry me, wanted money, told me he was going to die the next day, I simply replied that I dont have more than 5 cents, plus he was going to die the next day.. but I have an orange and he yelled at me...unfamiliar words...hahaha ALLL because the orange had seeds.. I love my life..

I am the lead comp, and really working hard at doing a great job. The work is hard but we are finding much Joy. I love my comp. she is darling. She is really homesick and I am trying to help her through it. Thanks for all the pictures and GC talks you sent dad! We love them. I love getting the notes and pictures from family and friends! The letters really help, you don't know. Lots of missionaries dont get letters, so sad! So thank you so much!!!!!! Tell everyone Thanks so much!!!
Tell Sister Daveline I love her, and I love the pins! It feel so wonderful to have a visiting teacher, I really need one! I can't wait to hug Sister Daveline!! 

Im in a ward with Elder Bennett, thats fun. haha we have the same name. Joke of the mission is that we are cousins. Now we can really fool the people. Hmmm.. My birthday was just another work day.. we ate cookies and milk, and calzones! I also asked 2 people to be baptized in the street haha that was fun.. We had a stake conf this sunday and it was prodcasted from SLC...it was given by elder nash, elder holland and elder scott.. man I felt so much love from them..it was great. I really had so much direction from them. it was so needed. hmmm what else..this is all i got for this week..pretty lame!

*****Customs is holding her two boxes hostage that we sent about 1 1/2 months ago (for her birthday)...so she will either get them soon, or she will see a man walking around in her size 10 1/2 shoes we sent her, and maybe he will wear the cute skirt too??******

4/29/2014 11:28:22 am

Really enjoy your weekly notes. Your sense of humor keeps life upbeat....much like your dear sweet granddad..Stan! I'm certain he is keeping his eye on you and popping angel buttons, he is so happy with your work.
I had a great evening last night teaching some older single sisters about our wonderful hymns.....no "Hims" were here!! It's a group called "Golden Girls"...we meet once a month in various homes with various lessons. I taught them a bit about conducting....oh...the church needs qualified music leaders!
Any...nice to chat with you....Stay well and enthused...."enthusiasm" means "full of God!"
Love ya,


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