Happy FIFA World Cup,

South America is going NUTS down here. Seriously. Every night, partidos, partidos, partidos.. There are so many games going on, jerseys and alcohaul being sold! Its like Christmas here. This week was another week..extremely difficult. Para que les voy a mentir.. (Why am I gonna lie to you all?) Our program doesnt quite exist. Sister Jimenez and I both are a little flustered that we dont have a program or people progressing but we are working on humility and faith. Its hard to be out here. Our less actives just dont seem to enjoy when we teach, or we catch them at a bad time and they arent super receptive, we invite people and use the techniques weve been taught for months, teach the doctrine, teach with power and authority and the people just walk away or laugh. This has been HARD on me!

My testimony is growing because i have been trapted in this lesson of faith for quite sometime. Its like the example of the little tree that needs the wind to be strengthened. Im that little twig.

Its easy to have faith at home, because we arent having tests of faith every minute of your day for 78 weeks of your life. But, the lessons you learn in moments like these are incredible.. I have received alot of revelation out here. ALOT!

"Let thy will be mine.. " 
Also, Something I think has helped me lately is truly letting my guard down.. In my prayers, Ive directly said,"Lord, I really...miss my bed at home", "my dog"..etc.. And have left all of the things that could possibly distract me from my purpose in my prayers with the Lord.. I leave the house with one less thing to think about. It actually works! This week I was centered in what I needed to do and feel super good. 

:) Anyways.. Thats all ive got for today folks. 
We have transfers tonight.. So well see where I am next week :)

Until then,
Hna Bennett

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