This week Bekah didn't write us one big letter. We had a Q & A because she was short on time. Here are some of the things I could share.
Bekah: Are you there, I am online.
Mom: Hi, hows life in the big city?
B: Haha Yeah I have a story behind that one. its super normal here actually.. we see police, drugs, etc.. SINS!
Its okay though, we are always with 3 member men.. So i just dont fear is of satan. 
M: Okay, not freaking out!! I know your protected because you are being obedient.
M: How is the teaching going??
B: Really good. I have to stay so close to the Holy Ghost, the teaching is very intense. It is changing their lives. It can be intimidating. Pray for the children we are teaching, they need support. It is going so well. 
M: How about the spanish, because I feel like I have to translate..
B: Very Good, much better! I love it here, mom! I love the people I am serving. 
M: I am not surprised. You have a big heart and a gift of being able to lovingly serve people. you always have! We sure are proud of you!
B: thanks, mom. I have been reading a book you need to read, Our Search for Happiness. Its so good. 
M: I will read it. How is the weather been? Are you writing Danielle and some of your friends?
B: its 5 degrees past satans enferno. haha. Yes, and its like Danielle's on a cruise...and so are some of the others..meanwhile here in the ghetto!! HAHA! 
M: Hey, did you finally get all your christmas packages?? 
B: Oh yes, it was so amazing!!! I had three boxes in one day. I felt so loved by all my family in ARIZONA!!! I will write as soon as I can, but tell the Hoyler's, Grammy, the Bustamante's,Aunt Patty, and the Horns,Nana and Aunt Lisa. Thank you so so so much!!!! I live to hear from my family!!! I needed everything!!! Thanks so so much! And then the box from the ward was so awesome too. I love the banner from the YW, and the stocking was so great.. there are so many letters in the box I am taking my time reading them!! I really treasured everything...made me cry!! I feel so blessed to have so many people who love me!! TELL MY CUTE VISITING TEACHER, SISTER DAVELINE ILOVE HER!!!!!! I have to go my time is short this week. I love you, mom.
M: I love you too, darling. Be smart, be safe, and remember why your there!!! 

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