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**I am writing this because at the end of her mission we will print this into a book and I want her to have my thoughts or her dads thought every now and again.**
I laid in bed last night thinking to myself about Bekahs mission. Thinking how wonderful it was that she so quickly decided to go and serve the Lord when President Monson changed the age. At her farewell I remembered she shared how restless she was up at school that she "felt" something was coming, a big change. She was right. I am thankful she new to listen to the Spirit. She recognized it. I am hoping I am doing the same things 
I did to help prepare her for the little kids. Sister Ewell in our ward always says, " you need to try to do the basics!" I feel like we always tried to do that. She was also prepared by her Young Women's Leaders. They taught her valuable lessons that she needed and she uses everyday in her mission. My short list of things to do to prepare our little children for their missions reads like this:
Teach them to love the Scriptures.
Help them see Heavenly Father answers their Prayers, and loves them.
Help them recognize the Spirit when it is there. 
Show them how to SERVE unconditionally.
Help them treasure their Temple experiences, and go often.
Teach them HARD work, have THEM WORK and earn their own money. (for their Mission and school)
Some of these we did really good at, some of them we had bouts of being good at. Bekah was always a good example to her sibling and us for that matter. As I see her serve and hear her experiences I know that I will work harder to ensure that all my children have the ability to serve a mission. That they will have a strong desire to serve the Lord, and be prepared to do so. Thanks, Bekah!! Your a sweet daughter, and your doing a great job!! We are so proud of all your doing and your enthusiasm to bring the people of Ecuador to Christ! I love you!

melba bennet
1/16/2014 03:26:08 am

Well done..."Missionary Mom" - you expressed your thoughts very lovingly and are an example for us all.
Love, Tobi


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    I am Sister(Hermana) Bekah Bennett.  I will shortly be serving 18 months of my life on a church-based mission  in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I leave August 28th, 2013 and travel to the Mexico Missionary Training Center to better prepare myself for my mission & mission language. My blog at that point in time will be ran by my little sister E and my mom! I am grateful to serve my Lord and invite you to follow my journey! 

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