TRUTH IS: I would love to watch Ferris Buellers Day off right now. 

:) Hello.

I would love to start this email out by saying a mission is TOUGH. In Las Vegas, my stake and my ward all know me, I feel as if Im someone that they trust and look up to and that I am someone. In contrast, here in my mission, I am CONSTANTLY humbled and feel the TINIEST little speck of a person, even though I eat alot of rice HAHA. Maybe thats what I need to learn to become more like Christ.. (I dont say these things to honk my own horn but seriously, I feel SO different out here..Sometimes, I dont even feel like myself!) and thats hard.. If there are any Ex-sisters reading this, did you feel the same? 
Our baptism would have been great. We didnt have one. Something happened with our investigator and suddenly he didnt answer our calls, didnt want anything to do with anything..Until a few days ago when he started sending me strange texts and calls... He called me and just said he is now asisting a different church and yeah..what could I say? It was awkward!  But really, it turned out to be a great learning and growing experience... 

what do we do in moments like this? :)  KEEP GOING..and thats about it. 

Nothing is SUPER interesting. Oh.. I have funny stories! 
***note from letter to MOM********************************
So, I here from the mission office that I have 2 boxes!!! Hoorah! I can not tell you how happy that makes me. I look forward to reading the letters, and seeing stuff that is from home. I can now celebrate my birthday for real. Oh, and valentines, and easter. My comp will get a kick out of my crazy package!!

So happy to hear about Josh Nelson's home coming talk. I know what he is experiencing. I know I miss home, but I will really miss ECUADOR too. Sounds like he did a great job, and helped some many Saints! I am not suprised knowing Josh!! Good work, Elder!!!
Here ya go:
A man (slightly intoxicated) came up to us and wanted to know the word of God.. Hes like, ¨Sister, whats your name?¨ and I reply ¨Sister Bennett!¨ and hes like..uhhh your other name, whats your other name, thats easier.. Can I call you Sister Angie? and I was like..well, I guess if you want to.. And so, he called me Sister Angie.. They next day, I called his house and his dad answered and was like... who is this? And I said, Sister Angie! And literally in the background, this man was screaming SIIIIISSSSTER ANGGGGIEEE! hahah it was SO beyond funny.

Also, pray for me and my comp! I feel like we could use the blessings. 

FAMILY: Be safe and know that you are so loved. I just love yall so much. Stay strong. 
Missionary Friends: STAY valient. Learn from your comps and be receptive to the Spirit. I know this church is so true. 

Hna Bennett aka Hermana ANGIE

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    I am Sister(Hermana) Bekah Bennett.  I will shortly be serving 18 months of my life on a church-based mission  in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I leave August 28th, 2013 and travel to the Mexico Missionary Training Center to better prepare myself for my mission & mission language. My blog at that point in time will be ran by my little sister E and my mom! I am grateful to serve my Lord and invite you to follow my journey! 

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