(Suca= blonde girl) 
WOAAAAAH! Hola. Hello. Hi! 

Sister Bennett here and going strong..Its been awhile, right? Sorry. I tried adding pics on my other email but it didnt work.. So here I am :) I want to add a few pics of things that have happened and SUPRIZE... I had camibos/transfers..(About 2 weeks ago, lets all pray I dont have one tonight).. Heres some PISTAS (clues) of where I am at right now.. Dun Dun Dunnn!!! Drumroll please..
1) Tea or...here in Ecuador "aguita aromantica" yum.
2) Its beginning to look alot like christmas.. :) BRRRR..even Buddy has a bufanda (scarf)
3) Your average day pet turned into a delicious lunch..Yup, thats right. Cuy cuy. Guine Pigs! 

...I am here...in CUENCA...again! I was sad to leave my ward in Machala and my comp but dont worry, I am with another Chilean.. I love people from Chile.. If I were Latina, I would be from Chile.. Seriously. My comps name is Hna Perez. We get along SO well. Like...we were bestfriends in another life. We laugh nonstop..we get in trouble we are so happy. I love her. I could easily end my mission with this girl! :) So fun.. We are in Barrio Tarqui(I dont know if Im allowed to say the ward so erase this for the blog post) but yeah..My bishop is a gringo..I feel like Im serving in Park City or Idaho or something...But instead of bazillion mormons and temples, I am surrounded by Catholics and Cathedrals! Its bunches of fun. I really feel like being here is a test of my faith. Its hard but so rewarding. I have to be a bold missionary, ready to take on the world.

We are teaching Daniela and Juliana, both of which will be baptized in these 2 weeks.. They both are part member families and they are AWESOME. Seriously. Its like our lessons arent even lessons, they already know everything. What a blessing. Also, the members here are GREAT. I love it. Its been sucha blast..apart from my neck problems.. :)

Heres a pictures of Hna Perez and I. We are a hoot. Lemme just say.. I am in my element here with Hna Perez. Im not sure we will be together for very long bc today we end this transfer..and you know how that goes.. haha 

Thats right, Mcflurry in the mano (Hand).. I love this sector. 

Also, this week. I went on exchanges with Hna Nazer..Who is a doll.. We taught a few people and had a heart to heart. I told her, WHY WERENT WE FRIENDS A YEAR AGO! :) She is so great. We laughed, almost cried, ahhh.. We both have a good amount of time in the mish 12 and 15 months and we talked about how the mission takes a toll on your minds and body.. Its true, this has been a great lesson for me..To keep going with patience, even when my body begs for rest. Look up the video... "La Obra Misional y La Expiacion" ...or in english Missionary work and the Atonement by Elder Henry B Eyring.. I  may or may not cry like a baby when I see this one.. and that says alot..because Im not much of a crier. :) 

:) I love you all so much. Let us all remember that Christ comes tomorrow :) Prepare yourselves well.  

Hna Bennett

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