Hola hola hola :)
LA PLENA. Estoy mucho más agradecida por mi mamá en este momento de mi vida de en TODO de mi PRE-Mish life. (TRANSLATION: Hello hello hello SO FULL. I'm much more grateful for my mother at this time in my life ALL PRE-Mish my life.)

 I love my mommy! I literally can testify that moms know..everything. They are always right, they know what their kids need! (At least my mom does) :) I love my mom. I am so blessed. 

Lets just sum up this week in one word:


Everything fell through this week. Everything. Literally. Every single thing that possibly could have not happened happened. Our investigators either couldnt progress or they just didnt accept us anymore, we contacted, didnt work. Not going to lie, I got just a tad bit discouraged this week. When everything goes good, I am stimulated to work, I can teach and I just RUN off of the Spirit, when there is NOTHING and my new ideas dont work, I get ssssssssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppeeeerrrrrrrr... DISANIMADA.. :( Its so hard. Nobody tells you how hard this really is. Nobody. But, when people follow through and follow christ, man, Its worth it. 

Today is the start of a new transfer. Im just waiting for the leaders to call us and tell us we have transfers. Duh, duh, duh. 

In other news, I am sometimes a nit wit. Remember how I am Senior Comp and all that jazz? Yeah. Well, I guess I forgot the part where we were supposed to do the paperwork for our investigator.. his membership registration? So that was fun. I had to finish all of this paper work in only an hour, I spent like 30 dollars in taxis, I swear. It was so memorable, I learnedmy lesson. 

Something that Elder Ucera(member of the 70) told us when he came 2 weeks ago was that in life, we have a "moment of truth". Sometimes, these moments of truth are hard, others are easier...but either way, we have moments in which we learn what we lack or we learn what we can really do (that we can reach our potential).. Man, I have really been trying to realize moments when Ive felt like this. There are many! Its amazing. My invitation for you... is to realize when youve had moments like that. 

In other other news, I got another face infection. I dont understand if this is from stress or just germs but MAN its not pretty. But dont worry, I am taking 8 antibiotics and have one cream that I use like 6 times a day, its almost gone! :) Oh ecuador. Memories.

We have ONE INVESTIGATOR! Thats one more than zero, we are still looking for more :) His name is Pablo, he is 26 years old, is from Esmeraldas and is CHEVERISIMO! He at first was like... sisters, why do you guys want to bother me everyday..and were like "because.. its my job to bother you and to teach you!" and i explained that Satan does not want him to progress and he will put excuses in his path so that he wont do it...and BOOM.. he literally decided to drop all of his plans this week..he told us he would stop playing soccer to visit us. Hes great. He could be an apostle. 

Anyways, we will be talking in a heartbeat ..so dont miss me too much :)

PS.. I heard a quote from Elder Ucera that I really liked also.. he said sometihing to the tone that the U.S. is rapidly getting worse, more sins, more corruption but the Lord is preparing the church here, in Ecuador, in South America, and that one day, the church will be stronger here than in the states.. WOOOSH. That hit me hard and changed my perspective on my responsibility

PSS..  Elder Bennett is my cousin from Kansas, if anyone asks. HAHA!!

PSSS.. This week, I bought the Zone these sugar bread sticks things and a newer sister named Sis. Martin asked me, Whats this called? And I replied "Palo de Azucar"..which directly translated is Stick of Sugar... It was so funny. 

PSSSS.. Please... do me a favor this week, pray for safety :) Im not sure why I am writing this, but just do it! 

I LOVE YOU ALL! The Lord is so merciful and loving. We are too blessed. 

:) Love always,

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