The mission is crazy. Seriously. Crazy. Its a 8 layer bean dip of emotions. Let me just bullet point these last few weeks:
Two weeks ago, we had Elections.. I dont know politics here in Ecuador but the people are like Middle Schoolers..Its basically a sign competition..Whoever has the fanciest buttons and banners wins. Craziness. 

Last week, we had Carnival. Its basically 4 days of throwing water at people. Its the weirdest tradition.. Wait.. Actually the weirdest is New Years.. Men dress up like women(scandalous men-women) and block the cars in the streets to beg for money/dance for money. Im from SIN CITY and this tradition was weird.. But back to carnaval.. we were stuck in the house for 3 days.. I was about to go crazy.. Its literally 100 degrees out and we are stuck in a sauna of a house. Wow. I cant even tell ya. Terrible..

Heres our investigators:

We had a baptism this passed week.. Hermana Guadalupe Delgado got baptized.. She is 60ish years old and is so cute. She is from Otavalo(lamanite blood) and is so adorable. I was so happy to see the change she felt during her conversion. She had alot of regrets in her past, deep-heart wrenching regrets that she has lived with for more than twice my age. She felt so much hope in the gospel.. So much love and peace. She calls us her angels. 

Her husband is now companion had a question and answer discussion with him and slowly, we really feel like he will come around. The Lord helps hearts change. He knows us. 

Her grandson, Kevin, is also  being taught.. Hes 11 and super hillarious. He is so PILAS (this and will answer questions for us and he knows alot.

Valeria.. is a 17 year old single mom. She is so loving. She lives alone and really needs the Gospel. She is so curious and just loves us. In the midst of all problems and hardships, we can be a source of light as missionaries.

Briggette is a 12 year old girl whos mom is a member but she is REALLY inactive..she JUST came back to the church literally yesterday and was like ready to come back! Shes starting institute and is working on living the principles of the gospel. Her daughter has a few friends in the young womens but has never actually been to church! Woohoo! She has a baptism date for the end of the month.

So, heres the blunt Hermana Bennett comin´ out. I have officially decided that I dont care about numbers. I am not here to collect people as if I were collecting stamps.There is a stereotype in South American Missions that we can baptize billions of people..which is true..but also I have realized that we have ALOT of people that go inactive, because they were dragged into the baptismal font and they werent truly converted and did not have firm testimonies. I personally, as Hermana Bennett have really worked hard to follow the spirit, love the members and investigators and LOVE EVERY DAY. 
Its helped me so so much.. Ive just learned to depend on the Lord. 

:) Im also excited that my aunt and uncle are getting baptized the 22nd.. :) I expect a full sized Hermana Bennett to be present.. HAHA! 

love yoU ALL.
Hna Bennett
4/2/2014 07:10:28 am

Loved your new recognition that quality of converts much more important than great numbers...who are not really converted and can weather the necessary changes to put the Lord as numero uno in their lives...not matter what. I heard about the earthquake and possible tsuami and put your name in the Las Vegas Temple. I keep you in my prayers everyday, dear one. Keep up the good work and spiritual to hear from you ...very inspirational! It is a miracle that the Hoyer family was baptized by your dad and then Jerry received the priesthood...What a guy your dad is...I love him sooooo much.


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