ECUADORis going to win Mundial, lets be honest. But then again, Im a little partial to my mission. HELLO FAMILY, FRIENDS, WORLD 

This week, I learned alot of things that are super cool. We always say that there are two sides to every pancake right, so I decided it would be more apropriate to use this metaphor with tostadas, I am in Ecuador, right? 
I have realized that the Lord is here in ALL things, he knows who we need to know in exact moments and he knows our hearts. I have a strong testimony that really if we trust the Lord, he will answer us. He loves his children, he knows what we need.

Here is my list of miracles that have happened this week:

1) Cozett: I met a cute girl from Colorado that is serving here in the orphanage in my sector and we passed by yesterday to meet the Bishop. Turns out, he wasnt home  and I was a BIT discouarged (yesterday was SO CRAZY) but I felt strongly to go talk to the volunteers. We walked back to their house and I was just asking about if they knew anyone we could teach, etc,etc..and I met this cute girl! She told me she got her mission call to the Guayaquil North mission and was supposed to leave but has had some challenges and still has her papers open but is indecisive if she wants to serve.. She told me she had PRAYED for this entire trip shes been here to meet me...a sister missionary. Wow. I felt so blessed to have been in the right place at the right time to help and inspire this cute girl.

2) HOME: Recently, I prayed super duper hard to just have something from home.. Not that I am trunky or want to leave, but I simply wanted a little piece of home. I prayed and felt deep down that the Lord was going to answer me. I knew he would. And HE DID! A group of HEFY kids have been here for 2 weeks now, Brooke Allen came from Vegas, whose older brother is a friend and mom was my seminary teacher. I felt so calm to see her! She probably got freaked out that I was SO excited to see someone from my TOWN! I cant even explain it. I was answered. 

3) President Torres: Presidente came to a Meeting we had on Saturday and spoke right to my heart. He said the exact things that I had either been improving on or things that I simply needed to hear. I had prayed for direction and an answer to the things that had been passing by. He reminded us on the little techniques that we NEED to do to make sure that Satan doesnt get in the way with our investigators...And after this meeting, we left to go meet with Pablo(whose baptism date fell through recentely) and I learned a grand lesson. Satan works on hearts that are preparing to come to Christ. We had a tad bit of a confusion and it turned out that we let him down! We missed an important lesson with him(to get to know his family) and he was sad which closed his heart to the Gospel. His family then turned against him a bit and thought he was lying about the missionaries teaching him.. and it all just fell to pieces. I learned my lesson, the hard way, but I learned. Decisions determine destiny. Someday, he will be open to the gospel again. I know it. 

4) Sister Mojica: I am with my old comp! HOOOORAY! I was thinking alot about Sister Mojica this last week.. I really missed her and knowing that my companion was about to leave, I was sad. I think this is the FIRST time I have felt genuienly sad to see a comp go. If you know me, I kind of like change, new people, new things but this was the first time where I had grown with my comp. I had seen her struggle and I had to help her. It was beautiful. As Sister Jimenez and I left for Guayaquil, I was nervous but felt good... The APs told us we were comps again and I was given this sweet companion from Nicaragua again! WOOOOH :) I was so excited. The truth is, the first time we were comps (3ish months ago) , we were not as mature and fun as we are now. We are more obedient, more focused and we are growing as missionaries. I am soooooo grateful. 

What else? I am so happy to be here! Its been a week of miracles. I am just working on and growing :) Thats about it. I think this week we are going to start fasting to receive more answers and blessings here in Miraflores.


Con mucho amor,
Hermana Bennett
Marianne Noble
6/23/2014 02:47:51 pm

Hello Sister Bennett,
It does sound like a week of miracles. I'm so happy you are getting your previous comp back. I love change too but sometimes change to something familiar is terrific too.
Spencer is loving NY He's in the ghetto in the Bronx. Spanish speaking. He was just made a trainer which is a stretch for him. But he sees the Lords blessings & miracles each day. We miss & love you!! Sister Noble.

Marianne Noble
6/23/2014 02:51:44 pm

Also, Katherine just started BYU Provo summer term today. She's so ready and also found a job today! I see your family Nd they look so great. Your Mom & I will be camp cooks together at YW camp in July. Should be exciting!! Xoxo. Sis Noble.


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