Nothing amazing happened this week so heres just a tidbit of what im learning..

My most spiritual experience.. man I have so many. I have had days where literally, I can just OPEN my mouth and preach the truth like no other.. haha its like overpowering to be able to tell someone the truth in a different language. I think im a total brat in Spanish.. if thats possible.. Maybe im a brat in English too. 

The most spiritual moments are my let downs, when literally everything falls apart and I cant escape it. When NO one of our 21 people invited to the conference show up and we are just sitting there like fools, waiting for no one. These are the moments when I reallllllly ponder my intentions, why Im here, what Im doing..and sometimes I murmur..Ill admit it.. For example, yesterday I was thinking (after no one showed up to the conference ) that just as we are waiting for our investigators, Heavenly Father is waiting for us.. hes waiting for us to follow through with our invitations hes given us, hes waiting for us to repent, to love others, to be better people, to follow his Son.. He is waiting, more patiently than me. As a representative of Christ, I have to have patience. And man, is the Lord teaching me alot of this. In moments like these, I reaaaally am taught so many lessons, I recieve so much revelation for my life/future life.
Hermana Bennett

4/11/2014 06:37:51 am

Love your comments...I learn from what you pass on that you are learning from adversities....I've always been short on patience....the last 4 years have sloooooooowed me down...but grateful to be walking using a walker. I call her "Abagail" and have a "zazzy" furry like cover on the seat and front bar....Kids kid a chuckle out of it....and I do too. Happy Birthday coming up soon and a pleasant, spiritual Easter, dear Bekah.
Much love....Nana


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