Sister Hinkley gave this quote and man, do I LOVE it.  Este semana fue LO MAXIMO. Enserio, mi querido familia y amigos. Yo ha visto muchos bendiciones durante este semana... alot of tender mercies.. A lot of things that really have touched my heart. Lets start here:

First off, I have a new comp named Sister Ynunan.. from Lima, Peru. Shes BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. I have plans to take her home with me. Shes the cutest Peruvian ever. She reminds me of Eliana Kusaka, (pst..somebody tell her to write me) and yeah.. this sector is called HUANCAVILCA!

1- Ive learned that people gotta start somewhere.. Ive really learned that we are all here...and we dont know what we are doing.. I had the coolest experience this week.. We were contacting in the park and met this old guy with his grandbaby, we start conversing and he is really difficult, he started bashing the church and saying all kinds of things like we worship Joseph Smith and other things like that and BOOM.. Hermana Bennett just starts teaching The Restauracion. This is something big for me, because usually I am a little timid.. This has been a huge challenge in my mission.. Teaching just on the spot, in a language I pretend to know to a complete stranger.. In this moment, I just opened my mouth..and I was strong. I stood firm in the message, I explicitly explained what we believe, and he listened. He may still be verrrry Catholic, but I felt the spirit and SPOKE! Let me just say, this was an aha moment for me

2-  Working with less active.. there are so many less actives here. SO many. I had a revelation that we need to get the list and start contacting these people, we have done it..ususally we are walking around for 4 hours to find these lost people.. alot of them have family that arent members and they ALL need to come back.

3- Jean Paul.. is a investigator..he is 18 years old, hes mom is a lawyer, he is an interesting kid.. He came to church a tad bit...drunk this sunday. He knew he was doing something wrong and was embarrased. When we know we are doing something wrong, the truth is hard to face. He has a baptismal date for the 12th of april.. wow! He really is a special guy. Id love to see him progress.

4' Sister GIGI, is a member who has special needs, she has a disability with her spine and cant walk, she was baptized 8 ish years ago and is a doll. She invited me into her room and I sat in her bed with her and I sang in English songs.. It was so neat.. We read a scripture about how we have a brotherhood in the gospel, we have a family, ALWAYS.. And she began sobbing because she doesnt have any family,the sister missionarys... ( GRACIAS Sister Megan Murphy, specifically) befriended her and loved her. Ive never felt so much love. I beared testimony that no one else in the world can literally LEAVE their lives behind, their family, their friends, their country to serve somewhere foreign without contact and STILL feel love, still feel the same as they do in their home.. she also says that I dont know spanish.. So.. Im just taking this with humility, taking advice for the people that tell me I dont know what Im doing.. :) Its okay. Im trying. I came here not knowing 3 words, now I can understand everything. What a blessing. 

Its true. We are all here progressing. We are in the church of Jesus Christ. He lives. He suffers when we suffer. 

I love you ALL so much,

Hna Bennett

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